Sunday, November 1, 2009


Lights On:


Moon Out:


Ghost and Goblins Out:

Pizza Heads, Clowns, Superman

Brides, Hippies. Clowns:

Teddy Roosevelt on an Ostrich and a Power Ranger:

Big Babies

 a little Peace babies

Horton in a wagon :

Miss Scarlet
(or as I was told when I said it no I'm a Southern Belle)

Yup it must be Halloween!!!!!

We didn't have nearly the amount of kids we usually have -only 56 compared to other year of over 90!
I'm not sure why but I really missed see more of the kids -
although there were less older teenage kids than previous years
Sorry abt the blurry pictures seemed like they were all at a dead run!

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  1. Cute post Jo. You changed your blog's name! I guess I haven't been by for a little while.
    I enjoy handing out the candy too. This was the first year neither of my kids trick-or treated!