Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mirror, Mirror on the Floor....

Who's the fairest doggie of them all.......

Emily is!!
11years young, born on April Fools Day, the only female in the litter of 11
She does have a great sense of humor..
...her kids thought she needed a hat a the fiesta party....

She is quite the pampered pup:

She loves her "babies"

She hasn't met a pillow she doesn't like

She loves presents (what pampered pup doesn't)

it's so bad we have to have a special present for her
whenever we open presents on birthdays etc
or we hear abt it

and She is a big old momma's girl!

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  1. Emily is a fine looking senorita in her sombrero! I think she definitely IS a pampered pet. *grin*

  2. Emily even has her own fan! What a pretty girl! What a cute idea having her looking at herself in the mirror. Did you put her there or does she like looking at herself? Thanks for joining!

  3. Emily is adorable. she looked very pretty in her hat. A well loved pet obviously. What a lucky dog.


  4. I didn't stage the picture. We brought the mirror home and sat it on the floor and she is very nosy - I mean curious - she had to check it out. Some days I wish she could tell me where things are since she knows where everything is in this house!

  5. She doesn't have her own fan she just happened to ump up anfd lay in front of the fan - she keeps us very amused. She really loves being pampered

  6. Haha she's cute! My puppy would lay in front of the fan last summer, it was funny!