Friday, September 18, 2009

Heirloom Party & Show and Tell

I had numerous things I have thought about sharing,
It was difficult to chose which one, so I'm going to share three:
This first teapot was my mothers. I believe my grandmother gave it to her:

A close up:

This next teapot was given to me
 by my grandmother. It was her Aunt Mamie's.
I was fortunate to know my Aunt Mamie
- she died when I was 16.
It is one of the few heirlooms
 from that side of the family:

Close Up:

The last one is a teapot
 that was given to me
by my daughter's great-grand mother.
It was her Aunts.

What I got a kick out of is
 when I turned it upside down
 it had the Aunts name on it
 - I'm not sure if she was afraid she would forget
or if she wanted to make sure everyone
else remembered
 When we started to look
 we saw that all the teapots she had
did have someones name on them.

These 3 teapots now reside
 in my kitchen
 so that I can see them everyday


  1. They are very sweet! I love where you placed them in your kitchen. I have a few I have collected, but hardly ever use them. I usually just throw a tea bag in a coffee mug. What an un-pretty way to take your tea! Thanks for sharing your heirloom tea pots Jo!

  2. The reason they put their names on the bottoms of items is when they had church socials or other gatherings many serving pieces were brought to the event, this way the proper items went back to the right owners.

    Your first teapot, the raised dots on it are called moriage (a type of oriental raised painting). They are all lovely pieces & getting very pricey now.

    TTFN ~Marydon

  3. Marydon

    Thanks for the info on the Moriage teapot. When we started looking at all the teapots she had we saw that they all had names on the bottom.

  4. I just adore teapots, and yes, they are getting harder and harder to find. Sweet of Marydon to explain some of these things. She is a wealth of info on antiques. I have several of the brown Japanese ones, also. I love them for fall decor!

  5. Those are beautiful! I love the stories behind them and how you have them displayed!

  6. I love that you have them displayed so that you can enjoy them. My Grandma used to put names on the bottom of her items. She would put the name of the recipient she wanted that item to go to. Made it very easy to pass down items after she died. We knew what items were intended for which person.

  7. Beautiful! I collect tea pots, too. Nice cabinet to display them, too.

  8. Teapots are the neatest things to collect! I have been wanting one for some time now and I think you have inspired me to start hunting for one! I really like the way you have them displayed too. That is a perfect complement to your kitchen.


  9. Your teapots are great! The first two have an Asian flair to them.

    I collect antique pots too!


  10. I love all three of your teapots. You have displayed them beautifully. It is so nice to have these treasures out where you can see and enjoy them every day.


  11. Wonderful treasures! I love teapots, old or new! Thanks for sharing your stories too. Have a wonderful weekend.


  12. Beautiful pots and what a wonderful place to have them on display.


  13. I love teapots and yours are very beautiful. How wonderful that they have been in the family for so many years and are displayed where you and others can appreciate them everyday. :)

  14. Pretty tea pots, and so special being from family members!


  15. Hello sweet Jo - lovin' that black teapot! How perfectly fabulous it is.

    Thank you for joining me for the party!


  16. I love teapots, Yours are lovely ! Great heirlooms , great stories& great display.8-)

  17. Wonderful family treasures! Jean

  18. LOVE the name of your BLOG and I love your teapots. How special that you have them to look at daily. My grandmother had one similar to the first one...guess they were pretty popular, huh?
    So happy to see you here and can't wait to see your next week's post!

  19. Hi: Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful Tea Pots. They are so beautiful. I collect tea pots, yours are treasures. I can't to see what you will share with us next week. Blessings, Martha

  20. Hello, nice to meet you this tea Tuesday! I just love your pretty tea pots. I will have to show hubby how your cupboards have the cut outs to store them and give him a wink with the hint, lol...seriously cute and my kitchen needs a redo. All my best, Theresa

  21. Your teapots are really neat; and what makes them even better are the stories behind them! I especially love the brown teapot - it's just gorgeous!

  22. What sweet teapots! And you have the perfect kitchen shelves for displaying them too!
    If the first one has bumpy dots on it my mother has had one of those forever and I've always admired it!
    Hugs and Smiles,

  23. Hello- Lovely teapots and lovely memories to go with. The display you have for them fits them all perfectly. I love posts that have special meaning behind them. Take care.

  24. Your family teapots hold some wonderful memories. You are so lucky to have them and I hope they pass onto future generations. My daughter and DIL both say that I should sell my tea pots as they do not want them but I think they would need to hold onto at least one for some family memories.

  25. Your teapots are just beautiful! What lovely memories and meaning they must have for you.
    Thank you for sharing them with us today and for joining in Tea Cup Tuesday,

  26. Lovely family heirlooms. Sometimes at family gatherings way back when, or even church socials the women would bring their teapots from home to use. They's put their name on the bottom in case someone else had the same one or they left before they could take it back home.

  27. Hello there sweet lady Jo,

    This is just so delightful!~ Thanks so much for sharing the photos of your very beautiful, heirloom teapot collection!.., They are so exceptionally lovely!

    It was wonderful having you partake with the 6th, 'Teapot and tea Things Tuesday',this week;thanks so much!

    Cheers and hugs from wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen and also @ Silken Purse

  28. I love the photos and the memories attached to your teapots. Those memories are very special and make the teapots even more beautiful! Thank you for sharing these special teapots with the tea ladies and we all look forward to seeing you for tea in the near future at Teapots and Tea Things Tuesday.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Pam @ Breath of Fresh Air