Sunday, September 20, 2009


Today we stopped at a Junk Shop - pictures and words can not even begin to show/tell you abt this place. t is a combination architectural salvage, flea market items and just pure junk! I believe he buys from house that are going to be demolished, estate sales etc and just plops them where ever. There is so much stuff that nothing is priced - you have to ask......

The people who work here are very helpful
Does anyone need a washer?
It is 2 levels and can be rather dusty/dirty but there are some finds
All kinds of corbels:
Claw Foot Tub Feet
Indoor, Outdoor Doors - there is 2 whole walls full!
Porcelain, Brass and Glass Knobs $5-$15 each knob
Door locks
The downstair shelves:
It is very difficult to see up here - minimal lighting
I would suggest bringing a flashlight
I used a flash on the pix as well as lightened them b/4 posting

There were chairs here and there:

There were mirrors just stuck in corners
Going back downstairs:
The place doesn't even have a name!
It is near the Clark County Fairgrounds in Springfield OH

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  1. Jo, How'd you find this place? Looks interesting... How do I find it? Any directions you can give me would be appreciated- I can't find a true junk shop here in Dayton. Unless I'm looking in the wrong places~ All I find are junk car parts... LOL
    Let me know, ok? thanks. Sue