Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Toast it!

 I have been doing research 
on toasters
 and can you believe
 I can't find a toaster review
 that ppl don't complain
 abt how well they toast? 

Even on toasters that cost $200! 
The other complaint is that
 they only last a yr 
or two at most.
 Seems like my mother 
had the same toaster forever. 

Vintage GE 3 swirl 1950's Chrome Toaster - $45

I get that it isn't profitable
for the companies to
 have them last forever
but come on
We can put a man on the moon
Why can't we build a decent toaster?

Anyone have any suggestions?
or thoughts?


  1. Hey Jo. I'm with you girl! About 10 years ago my friend bought a really good one and spent a lot of money at the time for it around $50.00. I thought it worked so good when I bought my toaster I did the same thing. That thing has never toasted one thing that I didn't have to stand over and watch. Forget adjusting the dial. It didn't do a thing. I keeping hoping to win a toaster so if you see a giveaway for one please let me know. I just want a simple "does not burn" 2 slice toaster, not that I would take whatever I could win. ha-ha.

    Have a fun day...Tracy :)

  2. Spread a little softened butter on each side of the piece of bread. Place in skillet on top of stove. "Toast" to preferred doneness. Flip. Toast. Remove from pan. 2 slices of bread with butter - 50 cents. Frying pan - $25. Telling the toaster manufacturers to "stick it" - PRICELESS!! LOL!!!

  3. You could always lay your bread on a rack in the oven.

    What - - - not the kind of suggestion you wanted?

    Well - - - how about holding your slice of bread over a campfire????