Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Malacadas (Portuguese Donuts)

A Fat Tues tradition in my house
 is making Malacadas

 (Portuguese Donuts)

6 C Flour
1 C sugar
2 pkg. Yeast                                               
 1 ¾ C lukewarm warm water
 (abt 80-100 degrees)
4 eggs        
     2 tsp. salt                                                    
 2 tsp. vanilla                                             
 1/3 C melted shortening

I use

Cinnamon Sugar

Mix yeast with 
a small amount
 of water and sugar
 until dissolved

 Do not use metal utensils. 
Add 1 cup of water
 and 2 cups of flour
. Beat well and add
 the other ¾ cup of water

 Set in a warm place
 - without drafts
My grandmother
 always put a towel
on top of the bowl so...
in family tradition....

 to rise until doubled
 – about 1 hour. 

Then add sugar, fat, 
eggs and flavoring. 
Mix well and add 
remaining flour
 to make a soft dough.

 Knead well and place
 in a well-greased bowl.
 Allow to sit in
 a warm place
 until doubled
 – about 1 hour.

While waiting
 put cinnamon sugar
in a paper bag

Take a small amt 
of dough and pull 
it into fun thin shapes

 Pull into pieces 
and fry in deep 
fat til dark

drain with
 a paper towel

This is the part us kids
 were allowed 
to do - shake them
 in a paper bag

Aren't these
 yummy looking??


  1. Oh yummy..Sounds great but I don't really see how I can fit that into my Weight Watchers diet! lol....Love the pic of your dog...so pretty.

  2. Do you think you could substitute Splenda in this recipe? It looks yummy!

    Hugs XX