Monday, November 15, 2010

Sticker Ornaments

I've been busy working
on Christmas projects
I bought various colors
of ornaments
on sale last year
 so I haven't been sure
what I was going
 to do with them

until I saw what was out there
 for embellishments
I wasn't sure what color I would use

I've settled on using the following

I was disappointed that the
 Michaels near my home had very
 few rolls of ribbons 
and Joann's was just a bleak

I did find some at Wal-Mart but 
there didn't seem to be the selection
 there has been in the future

These are the embellishments I used

I wish I could say these were complicated to make but they aren't
the back of the embellishment
 has a sticky surface
 and all you have to do is stick
 them on and rub them down

At first I wasn't sure abt
the red and silver combo
but I really liked it after I did it

The burgandy/gold and brown combo
worked better than I thought as well

(Can you see my hand and camera lol)

So have you noticed
anything being in shorter supply
or that marketing has been different his year?


  1. Those are seriously the cutest ornaments! For something so simple to do, they look very well done. Yay! I'm headed to Hob Lob for some extra ornaments and stickers!

    thanks for the inspiration!


  2. I think they turned out very nice Jo! I think things are in smaller supply, maybe they ended up with too much after holiday merchandise so they have cut back this year.

  3. Very nice indeed! I couldn't IMAGINE when you said "sticker ornaments" (Too much teacher in me - - - I was envisioning the WRONG kind of stickers!!) but these are NOT your ordinary stickers! The finished product if tres chic!!!

  4. Hi Jo! I love this. How cute and I've never thought of doing that! I love the red and white one the best.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Those are beautiful! I love the brown one!! So, so pretty!

  6. OK I think I better follow you since we both see to adore K&Co!

  7. Love the ornaments! So very pretty!

  8. Fancy ornaments! My kids would love to do something like this. Thank you for sharing.

  9. oh, also lovely, and also here: would you please be so kind to link the FineCraftGuild logo to

    thank you thank you thank you

  10. Great idea! I would love for you to link up to my new party!

    Julie @ Singing Three Little Birds

  11. Those turned out absolutely beautiful! How smart to use the embellishments!!! There are so many great ones out there and I don't scrap-book, this would be a perfect fun way to get to play with them!
    Thanks for linking up to All Things Merry & Brite...come back with more inspiration!