Sunday, November 28, 2010

Forever Home

The ride home was 2+ hrs 
and she slept all but abt 1/2hr of it

I think she likes her duck

 We stopped and she took care of business
insisting on one certain
spot and wouldn't go til
she was taken there

She is soooo stocky
she hops instead of walking

Since she lived out in the country
She wasn't so sure abt
all the cars she heard

But she had toy playing 
down to an art


A little peckish
She is a  little wide threw the haunches too

I think she might be waiting for Santa

Hopefully tonight will
go well


  1. She's so adorable and precious Jo! Congratulations on your sweet new family member!

  2. She is so, so, SO cute. That picture with her toy duck, and the one by the fireplace - - - - they are AWWWWWWWWWWW moments.

    But I'm still glad it is YOU and not ME with a puppy to train and clean house after. Our two cats, of 11 years, finished off my desire to have any more indoor pets - - - I HOPE forever!

    If you EVER hear me say I'm bringing one home, PLEASE remind me of this comment, will you????

  3. My heart is pitty patting...adorable!!!

  4. Oh she is so cute! I think she is adorable and I'm sure Santa will visit her!

  5. Puppy Love!!! I'm so glad hubby won't let me have another one or my house would be full!

  6. Welcome home, Isabella. She has the sweetest face. La