Monday, November 15, 2010

Rookie Lego Day

On Sat we went to The XKAR scrimmage Day

My hsb and dtr were judges

      9am to 3:30pm

"Rookie day". 

A“ Free for fun ” scrimmage helps 

rookie FLL teams 

practice their Table missions, 

Teamwork, Technical

 and Research 

presentation in front

 of Judges and Referees.

Two groups from Cincy 
one from Columbus
 came to participate

In Dec the actual competition takes place
The teams have to program their robots

to run on the black lines of the boards

This year the theme is Biomedical

They are judged on their research project

and they have to perform skits to show team work

 They pick a photo
a car, popcorn, birds in flight, pin ball machine)
discuss how to do it w/o the judges
 know what the they picked

You can see if the group 
decides or just certain individuals

The judges write
 their opinions down and 
the team leaders are given
 the info so that 
when they go to the actual competition
 they will be ready

It was fun to watch kids being
exciting about learning
without being in a formal 

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