Sunday, April 11, 2010

Front Yard transformation Pt2

This past weekend we went out of state
To help my niece and her husband
Transform their yard.



We progressed to the 
Front yard
The birch type trees would sway 
In the wind and hit the glass on the windows
And were destroying the shingles
And it had large roots going under the 
Garage and the new steps they had put in

The pine tree ended up being collateral damage 
When the birch tree came down

We also pulled out the junipers by
Attaching straps to them
And using our van to pull them out

We were all amazed to that by doing 
This it opened up the whole front of the house
there were roses to prune

Weeping pines to clean out

Of course there were vines and weeds to pull

Because it is to cold to plant some annuals
All we planted were perriennals
Such as Columbines,  azaleas, hydrangeas
Pansies, and English Daisies

We will be going back soon 
To plant trees in the backyard
And put annuals like impatiens
Petunias etc
We will also be moving some of the 
bushes in the front to make
 them more uniformed

It was a great weekend!!!


  1. Everything was a tad overgrown. You all did a great job redoing.

  2. What a lovely front yard transformation. Looks like everyone pitched in and even had some fun along the way!

  3. What a beautiful makeover...looks outstanding! Hope you have a fun week:)


    I’m having a GIVEAWAY…come by and check it out…I think you will like it!

  4. Now there's a lot of work, but boy it sure looks great.

  5. The front yard looks really great now! I agree; the transformation really opened up the front of the house.

  6. What a great makeover for the front yard! Beautiful home. You guys sure were busy! It will look fabulous when everything you planted fills in.

    ~ Tracy

  7. That house looks huge & gorgeous. I am a fan of brick homes and not a fan of junipers. Great job! NG