Wednesday, August 6, 2014

West Baden Atrium

We originally were
going to get an outside room
but I then decided to splurge
and get an atrium balcony one
I am glad we decided on this

The atrium is the main focus
of the resort.

View from the upper
parking lot

walking towards the valet station

When you walk in from the 
valet desk you
walk through the 
circle area where on the 1st floor
all of the shops, restaurants, bars 
lobby and amenities are
the second doorway goes into the atrium

 guest rooms are built in two concentric circles
 around the atrium on the second through fifth floors. 
Rooms on the inner ring overlooked the atrium; 
Some of the 4th and 6th floor rooms
 have balconies into the atrium

the rooms on the outer ring 
have a countryside view

In the morning the dome:

The tiles are 1 in squares - 12 million of them

 originally they coverd the whole atrium
but because the place sat unused for so many years
many were ruined

 We spent a lot of time 
people watching from our balcony

At night the atrium looked
completely different
The dome spans 200 ft 

 The fireplace in the atrium 
is so large it can accommodate
 logs as long as 14 feet

The colors of the disk
changed with the help
 of a computer program

These photos
can't even begin to show
the beauty of the atrium

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