Friday, August 8, 2014

French Lick Resort and Town

Th town seems to be
going through a transition

many of the buildings are in the process 
of being renovated 
View looking towards downtown


Design in a door way downtown
French Lick


The Phone Company:

Painting on a building
that appeared to be in 
the process of being rehabbed

Around the corner

An Apt building

The square

Outside of the VFW

A new building downtown

Dancing Waters Fountain

 Probably the classiest Denny's

This church is in West Baden
it was built in 1909

French Lick Resort

Jazz playing on the veranda

Carriage Rides

The lobby
yes that is all gold leaf

The lobby ceiling

  To the pool - in the summer they open the walls

 The rooms hallway

The Casino
is in the French Lick 
no photography is allowed

You can rent these family bikes


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  1. Lovely series of photos! Thank you so much for sharing.