Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Patoka Lake

 The first night 
of our vacation
we threw caution to the wind
and took a chance on
finding someowhere to stay
because the West Baden 
was closed for 
a wedding on Saturday

So we drove out to 
Patoka Lake 
and came across

(it was the only place 
we saw a vacancy sign)

 (photo from their website)

Because it was late
and they didn't think that anyone would
take the cabin
they gave us a 2 bedroom cabin
for one night at a 1 bedroom rate

The place was really nice
Dining/Living Room


except for one problem....
see if you can see it....

Yup, it had 4 twin beds!

We decided just to laugh it off
We figured it would 
be one of those funny stories
as we did not ask 
and the innkeeper didn't mention it

We did go into the park
the visitors center
just had closed but we did
check out the grounds

The Jacob Moery Cabin

We were told we needed
to try Kayla's Kones
hand dipped ice cream

  We should've got there 5 minutes
earlier because the people 
in front of us
had a $60 order
of cones, sundaes and shakes
and there was only 
one person working
I have to say 
it was worth the wait


We had breakfast at 
which was right next door 
to Fisherman's Village 

The inside is nothing fancy 
but the breakfast was very good
My husband recommends 
their pancakes...


Sunday morning
we went to the lake
to go swimming

We go there abt 10:30
and there were a few people
by the time we left at
12:30 it was getting quite crowded

It is a really nice
lake so if  you are in the area
it is worth the 12 mile drive 
from French Lick

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