Sunday, May 27, 2012

Patriotic Wreath

While looking at 
the blogs I followed 
I found the following
tutorial at


I had all
the items except
for the star
While at Joann's
I found a star hook
for $3 
so decided to adapt it
I attached it
with zip ties

I think I will
paint it
since it blends in
with the wreath

My flag wasn't
as long as hers
but for my door
I think the shorter 
worked better

It was very easy
and really dramatic effect
to the front door


  1. I love this idea! Will absolutely be stealing it for July 4th!

  2. Your use of the US flag is a violation of US flag etiquette. Please Google and verify for yourself -- then delete -- unless your goal is to miseducate and offend. Thanks

    1. First off this is not an official flag. It does not meet official flag dimensions. It is an image of the flag printed on nylon - it not sewn. I am a dtr of a retired DAV Marine, a wife of a retired USAF and DAV and a mother of a current member of the armed forces. Do you really think that anyone of them would allow me to be in violation of US Flag etiquette?

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  4. As the size of the"flag" doesn't meet the criteria as defined in public law I as a retired disabled American veteran see no issue with using this "flag" as is. It is no different than the elephant emblem on the lapel pin worn by the the GOP nominees, which I also dont have a problem with. For further reading I have included the flag code.....