Sunday, May 20, 2012

Birthday w/e wrap up

My birthday started
out at Springfield Extravaganza
Day 2

There were a lot more people

and I regretfully
have to say people weren't 
as nice - really rude
cutting ppl off or walking right in front
of you look at you and stop
while you are walking

A lot of the furniture
sold on Friday
there were some pieces
left  - the Annie Solan
Chalk paint ones
were all well over $200

I believe this piece was close to $300

We left after abt 3 hrs
I did get the following

these faucet handles will be

A container of wine corks
for $5 - .06 a piece

I have keychains in mind
for these

We also got
an old chair for $5
but it is still in the van

After we left we went 
to a local farm 
and got strawberries
they are so sweet and juicy

We then went to a shopping mall
called The Greene
it looks like a town
and in the center is a green area
with a dancing fountian for kids 
to play in
We listened to a local

It was such a nice night outside

When we came home 
I had a birthday cake
made by my daughter

 they were kind
the blue ones represent 10 yrs

It was a great birthday weekend


  1. I am enjoying your pictures since I didn't take many of the goods. I have heard of the Greene. My cousins go there alot. SOunds like your week-end was a good one.

  2. Happy birthday Jo. That is my kind of celebration! Looks like you had a great weekend.

  3. I thought several booth spaces that had painted furniture were VERY highly priced. I thought that dresser was way more than $300.... Sheesh- I need to get into the painting biz! LOL Jean, my stockist, is going to do a little workshop for us soon. Hope to learn some new techniques. I had a blast at the show. I'm tired but glad I was there for 3 days. Met up with a LOT of the VM girls that I blog with and enjoyed getting to know Sue Whitney and her entourage. Did I tell you Happy Birthday? I thought I did when we were under the dining tent. Happy belated wishes, if I didn't! :-) Sue