Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Brunch

Once again
we went to 
The Hilton Garden Inn
in Beavercreek
for their 
Mother's Day Brunch

When you come into the ballroom

up front was a 
seafood area
cold shrimp 
crab claw display

smoked salmon

to the left
was your
standard breakfast foods
bacon, sausage, potatoes
baked banana and chocolate French toast
and eggs

it progressed into a 
salad area
cucumber and tomato pasta
fresh fruit and
Caesar salad

to the right
are hot entrees
and sides
rice pilaf, green beans, carrots
chicken stuff with bacon and cheese
bourbon salmon, 
baked ham with cranberry chutney 

There was a prime rib 
and leg of lamb carving station
(both were cooked to perfection!)

They also had a made
to order omelet area

The dessert table 
had cakes, cookies
and sampler desserts

the mini desserts were
coffee cheesecake
cream puffs
Boston cream pie, chocolate pie
petite fours, lemon cheesecake, 
apple and berry pies

then there was Gigi's mini cupcakes


(actually tasted like strawberries 
not that artificial strawberries)


Orange (tasted like creamsicles)

besides the ballroom
there are tables in
the garden area

Brunch is usually held
on Easter and Mother's Day

I wish that they also
had one on 
Father's Day and Christmas
(hint, hint)

Good food
Good company
What else could you ask for?

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  1. Aww...Jo - love it! You are awesome! Thanks for being such a great guest. Josie (Director of Catering-HGI)