Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 1 Springfield

We went to
the Springfield Extravaganza
It was a beautiful day
Some of the booths:


  Someone did buy
this bike
I heard quite
a few men say they had one as a kid

 Annie Sloan
Chalk paint

The new Vintage Marketplace

There were a lot of architectural pieces


 What I bought
earrings $1 apiece
I will re-purpose them

The photos do not do these justice

Watches $1 a piece
I will be taking the faces off
and re-purposing the insides

These charms are metal
and I will re-purpose them

This metal garden fairy
is abt a ft tall
and I paid $8
I have looked all over for fairies

When going back
to find a table
I liked that was $30
I came across
these 2 beauties
the are lamp tables

they were $15 a piece!

they are from the 1920-1930
time peroid

and yes I snagged them up
instead of the other table! 

I also got 3 basil plants
for $2 a piece

I met up with Sue from Sullivan and Murphy

and Debby from  Cozy Blanket
It was great catching up with them!

More tomorrow.....


  1. Great pictures. You must have gotten the tables after our visit. So nice to see you again and to meet your husband. The blogger get together was a bit but it was funny. Just a hand full of ladies.
    Did you return today. I am trying to return to normal.....I am getting old, hah.
    Can't wait to hear about today from you and Sue.

  2. Hi Jo, Great tables! I wish I would have gotten to meet up with everyone. I was there Friday and Saturday mornings. So much to see! You have some good pictures too.