Friday, February 10, 2012

Craft room

I have been MIA
working on the middle room upstairs
in our house
this rm has always perplexed
it is a large room
but there wasn't any privacy
had only one window in a dormer

The room was an awful
white with brown doors
When I scraped the walls 
it had been baby blue at one time

As you come up the 

to the left
I just put things
on the shelves
and will revamp
when I know what I use

1. The dowels will be cut
 and glass knobs on the ends

2.The metal bars 
will be spray painted
 heirloom white

The table is for display
in my craft booth
but won't be painted
until the spring
Can you believe
I got it for $5?

aren't these bookcase wonderful?
My hsb made them
this corner was empty
and a wasted space

 I plan on some type of art 
work on the chimney

the entertainment center
will be gone. I'm not
sure what I will
be doing there

The ikea racks will have the white 
inserts in the front of the shelves
The book case will be gone as well

the table is made of a door
on top of 2 bookcxases
from Walmart
(they were originally black)
backed with pegboard
and painted heirloom white
I will be doing more comparison
in another post
and some of the things 
we did in the room
We did run into a lot of problems
one posted here


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  3. Your room looks great! I love the shelves your husband made, they really make that space so much more useful. I can see how it would be hard to set up that room with so many nooks and crannies, but they do give it character. :-)

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  5. You HAVE been busy, Jo! You have so much room to do your projects and your jewelry making. Amazing! ~ Sue

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  6. Great job Jo! Enjoy the fruits of you and Chuck's labors....have fun with all your creating! Jane thompson