Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Lei wreath

I got the idea for this wreath

They got it from Madigan Made
The full instructions are at 
I found mine at
 Dollar Tree in the kids section

I got 2 bags of the plastic balls
They are smaller than you think they will be

I got 2 leis also at Dollar Tree
but in hindsight I would
get a 3rd one

 strongest hanger ever

Poked a hole through the ball
with a wooden skewer
then strung them

I did have"help"
when they would roll off Iz
would graciously
 attack and play with them

Once strung 
I attempted to twist the ends
instead of taping
If you have thick wire 
I would cut and tape

I cut the lei
and knotted the end of each

Then began wrapping pulling twisting
and adjusting

until it was covered.
You may need to add a little
bit of glue to keep the flowers
in place

Add a bow
and you're done


  1. Very festive and fun project. Have a greaty weekend, Jo!