Sunday, June 5, 2011

First Friday June

Friday Night 
was another First Friday in our town

its one of the committees
that I actively participate in

It was our best ever
We guesstimate abt 3500 ppl
came and experience fun, food, music 
and a sense of community

There was  crazy hair paint

...face painting...

...sidewalk design...

...clowns and magicians...

Fire spinning....

llamas strolling abt

historical walking tour of our

food and vendors...

It was a great evening
and seemed like everyone
was having a good time

1 comment:

  1. How fun for both the little and "big" kids to enjoy, Jo! Didn't know Xenia did this. I'm almost all packed up today. I worked in the garage and tried to organize my "junque." SusieQ is supposed to come by and see if she likes any of my suitcases. I need a shower!!! Can you say dripping? LOL