Saturday, June 18, 2011

Community Picnic

Twice a month
a bunch of us
Facebook Junkies

get together 
and have a face to face chat

Depending on who is available
sometimes there area few as 3 or as many a 14
We've been doing it for 15 months now
Out of it has come a lot of community events

some just fun

Many in our community say there
is nothing to do
so it started out
with a talk abt 
a bike parade record
and morphed into a bike parade
and community picnic

It is bring your own pic-a-nic baskets
and if you want to share 
do that too

Many of us 
are on different committees
and groups

and many of the events

WEll the rain put a damper on some of it
but the hard core group came out!

A lot of ppl said they
were going to go
but I believe the
 weather hindered a lot
of them

of course
we had many members
 of the duck family

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