Thursday, April 21, 2011

Phases of the Kitchen

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When my hsb viewed the house:

The counters were grey and not all
of them matched pattern-wise
can you see the caveman
yes they left it - it weighed a ton!
the cabinets 
are maple with green knobs
The only drawers
were the little green ones

I knew I couldn't
live with the blue
it was awful
we moved some of the cabinets 
even though they really
didn't match up in size

1st we got rid of the fridge because
it didn't even begin to meet our needs
little did I know there were 5 layers 
of paint and 2 layers of wallpaper!

It took months to do

Finally a clean walls!

The first plan
this is my inspiration pg

as you can see the wall color
isn't even close
The wall color ended up more pink/peach
than I wanted
But I lived with it for a few years
I really didn't know what to do with the space

The kitche is really big but never felt
I finally figured out I needed to move the fridge to 
the wall with the stairs
on it so we
would have a true
triangle not a galley

The next paint color
I chose which is what I wanted
originally was: 

I got rid of the nightmare stove
and bought a jenn-air 
which I love

I needed real drawers So we bought
a large cabinet at HD
and that is when I started realizing 
that we could chg things around

as I looked i realized that 
we could beuild around the fridge 

I wanted more counter space - 
or should I say I needed some counter space?
so finally after playing around I had a design plan

I still didn't know if it was going to work 
so we decided to replace the bottom cabinets
and put a temp top on til
 I can save for the top 
(that is when I decide what I want)
So right now
it looks like this:

There is so much more to do
get a dw
back splash
counter tops

but I'm thrilled how it is
coming along

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