Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Bunny oops Dog

Hi Everyone
I took over Mom's blog
cuz I've got a problem....
My Mom is at it...
with the stupid props

 these ears have got to
 be the stupidest thing
I'm not a longhorn bunny
Geezzz....could I look any dorkier
These ears are better
but come on Mom enough already
hey wheres the candy??
If I got wear these
 I should get candy.....
I'm gonna make sure
 she doesn't do this next year....
No, it wasn't me
 I was just sitting here
looking at them...
ok who ratted me out...Dad???
Happy Easter week to 
all my fur buddies
..and their families
 I mean
 the Easter Bunny Dog

PS Please Don't encourage her 
by saying how cute I look 
dressed up as a dork - 
we already know
 how pretty I am...
.without the silliness
I think she's off her rocker
and needs to get a life 
or maybe some grandkids....


  1. very cute and give Isabella an extra treat for being so sweet.

  2. Iz- Your mom needs to get a life!! LOL But ya still look pretty darn cute. Ever think of trying out for the Cadbury Bunny gig? `