Friday, January 7, 2011

It's hard to believe......'s been a year
since our sweet Emily died

I wasn't so sure I ever
wanted another dog
after her

 Isabella will never
 replace Emily
 just like Emily
never replaced
 the ones before her

I know for sure
 I was alway meant 
to have a dog in my life
there have been periods
where I didn't
 for this or that reason
 but I have always
 had one in my heart
My furbabies from the past
each one still
 has a spot in my heart

abt 1961-1967
My sister, my Dad and me
abt 1961-62



Sprite aka 
Sprutter J Woofer doggie

Sprite and Cola were sister
 from the same litter

 and when I got divorce Sprite 
came with me, she was
more a Momma's Girl


I hope one day
I'll be with
all of them


  1. Jo I feel the same way about my cat furbabies. I have always had cats and they are such a part of my life.

  2. There's nothing like a dog. They love you unconditionally.

  3. I kinda miss doggie kisses and tail waggings. But at this point in my life, I don't think I want the responsibility. I will enjoy them when I visit friends and relatives, I guess. Would love to see your Isabella sometime! Give me a buzz when you finish all your cleaning and purging! AAGGGHHHH..... that's all I've done for 2 weeks and I'm tired of it all. LOL

  4. I miss my dog also. keep thinking of getting another one, but haven't yet. I take off with my camera too much. nice to have the collection of photos of them all for remembrance.

  5. It's so hard losing a pet. People who don't have believed pets just don't understand how much of a beloved child they become. So sorry for the loss but this is such a wonderful post to remember them with.