Sunday, December 12, 2010

Home Tour 3

We toured the downstairs of Eden Hall
Besides the gift shop
we saw the downstairs parlor
and the dining room

They owners were doing tours
 and because there were
so many ppl there 
wasn't any way to take photos

Fans of Greek Revival mansions
 built for $2000 in 1940 by Abraham Hivling 
as a wedding gift for his daughter,
 the house has been featured
 in the Haunted Ohio book series. 
The house has a myriad 
of tunnels that were dug in the basement 
as part of the Underground Railway 
and also connected with 2 other
 homes that were owned by the Hivilings. 
This house and the one next door were the
 inspiration for the main home in the book
 ...And the Ladies of the Club, Edith Mae’s Victorian 
Tea Room and Gift Shop are located in the first floor

This house is 3 stories
9340 sq ft
29 rooms
4 bedrooms
2 sitting rooms
5 full baths
1 half bath

There use to be an observatory 
on the top of the house
 but a fire destroyed it 
and the west side of the house
The west side was restored
When we moved to this town
 the house was a B & B 
How I wished 
we would've stayed there

The Altick Home, 
 will give fans of the Eastlake Victorian style
 something to talk about.
 Constructed around 1890,
 the house includes a pedimented portico
 with fishscale siding and a dentiled cornice line.

2900 sq ft
9 Rms
4 Bedrooms

The only thing my house
didn't have that I wanted
 was one of these

 I thought this hallway was interesting 

Off the main bedroom
 is a laundry/sitting room
how I would love this!


  1. Beautiful. I love the older homes like this that have been kept up. When I was younger (many, many yrs I worked at the Hermitage, Home of Pres. Andrew Jackson in Nashville Tn. That got me to touring other older homes in the area and I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Really lovely! I keep hoping I'll hear of a Christmas tour of homes around here - - - but no luck so far.

    I love all the wood.

  3. The picitures are beautiful I just love old houses they have such charm . I always think if these walls could talk !

  4. Eden Hall is HUGE! Wow, what would you do with all those rooms. Love the second house too. Great staircase.

  5. Just so pretty...I wanted to go on the tour there but we already had tickets for the one on Grafton Hills. I need to get those pics I took up!
    Aren't home tours fun!?