Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chew Mansion Home Tour

The Chew Mansion.
 Originally built in 1871 by Andrew Baughman,
 the house was either completely reconstructed
 or had two wings added by James A. Chew,
 president of the Chew Publishing Company,
 in 1936. The Chews moved into the house shortly
 before Christmas in 1936, 
and the house is commonly known 
as the “Chew Mansion,” 

 Visitors will  receive an opportunity 
to marvel at the home’s
pipe organ and elevator.

This is how the house originally looked
the photo didn't show the top

Some time around the 30's it was changed to this

The house is 5864 sq ft
2 stories
6 full baths
14 rooms
7 bedroom

The foyer

The foyer from upstairs

The parlor to the left
the sitting area is to your immediate right 

The parlor to the right

The kitchen

down the foyer hallway
 is an elevator

The kitchen

 Formal Dining Room


This had like a 2 1/2 level
where all but the 
master bedroom were on

Each bedroom has a bathroom
Bed 1
Yellow and Blue

Blue and Brown

The bathroom is beyond the French Doors

Bed 3
Black and White

 A black Christmas Tree

The master bedroom

I didn't get pictures of the closet
it was all marble, the dual shower
or fireplace

the house will be going on the market soon

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  1. The stone fireplace in the sitting room is gorgeous. The whole house is gorgeous though. It's so fun to see how other people decorate their houses so I love a good house tour.