Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tag Your It

I've been tagged - Thanks to Dawn and Sunny!!

Dawn has shared about her pup, Sunny, so I decided to say a little abt mine:

I too have a yellow lab named Emily. She turned 11 April 1st. She is still very spry for an old dog. She doesn't like 4th of July - as a pup she didn't mind but as she has gotten older she gets frantic with the fire crackers.

She loves the dog park unfortunately the younger dogs are to much for her any more. She isn't into rough housing - she just likes to sniff and walk around

She is definitely a comfort puppy - she has never met a pillow she doesn't like and if there is one hanging out on the floor she'll find it
If you have been tagged and wish to play - The rules are:
First you must tell your readers five things about yourself that they may not already know, but are true.
Second you must tag five people with the award.
Third, you must let the people know you have given them this award.
And finally, link back to the person who gave the award to you.

5 Things People may not know abt me:

1. I love to read. I try to read 2-3 books a week. I luckily am a fast reader so it is relatively easy for me to accomplish.

2. I love baseball games. I especially like the smaller teams when they have local give aways etc, I have been to both an All Star Game and to the World Series when the Twins were in it in 1987

3. I'm 1/2 Portuguese - Azorean and Irish - not Italian

4. Originally I was a home ec major

5. I'm a hippie at heart

Blogs I have tagged:

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2. Kammy at Small Home in the country

3. Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage

4. Chris at Just a Girl

5. The Blue Ridge Gal

Thanks all for playing along!!


  1. Gee, I've gotta think on this one, I recently posted 6 things about me.... What else is there to say? ha ha ha

  2. Wow, you got to it fast. It took me days to get mine together. Emmy is such a sweetheart. I totally agreee about labs spoiling us! They are great dogs.

  3. I am a sucker for labs. What a sweet face. I just signed up to follow as we are practically neighbors. I have a give away going on so join in if you like. Pam

  4. Your Emily looks so sweet! We have a Golden Retriever, Maxie and he really doesn't like the fireworks either. We just got a prescription for Valium for him. I only gave him half this time and it seemed to help a bit.