Thursday, July 30, 2009

Geisha Girl Porcelain

This is is the tea set
 that started me collecting teapots
and tea cups:

This tea set was my maternal grandmothers. 
When she and my grandfather
were dating he won this set
for her at Coney Island.

It is called Geisha Girl Porcelain. 
It was exported from Japan
 in the late 1800- early 1900's. 
The merchandise was sold
 in five and dimes
 or given as prizes in the 1920's.
 You might see similar items
with blue, gold, green or brown rims. 
There has been reports
of over 125 different patterns.

After I was given the tea set
I started going to antique stores 
and I have been adding
 to this collection ever since.
This is my current collection:

And this is the place it resides:


  1. What a great collection with a wonderful story to go with it - making it even more valuable.
    The cabinet is just gorgous! Thanks so much for joining in this week's TTT. I hope to see you again next week.

    Blessings, Barb

  2. Pretty and what a grand collection !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  3. I don't think I have ever seen anything like this collection. Very pretty and I love your cabinet!

  4. Beautiful and unique set!!! Thanks for sharing
    Happy Tea Tuesday

  5. What history! I had no idea one could win a tea set at Coney Island years ago. Not only have you added to your collection but the cabinet it sits in is so pretty. I am so happy your maternal grandmom kept this treasure to pass on. Thanks for sharing the history of this set and also the photos with me.

  6. What a treasure that geisha girl tea service is! Familial attachments always mean so're very lucky to have it! Happy Tea Time Tuesday!

  7. Hi Jo, it all looks so pretty! You have so many wonderful things to work with.

    Happy Tea Time Tuesday.


  8. Oh I love family heirlooms and what a great story. Your collection is wonderful and the cabinet is stunning. Hugs, Marty

  9. Jo, Happy Birth Day. Love You

  10. What a huge collection! You go girl! Love it! Stop by and say "hi" soon and enjoy your visit and stay a while there's so much to see.

  11. I love that precious Tea Set! What a wonderful memory...I just betch Coney Island doesn't give that kind of stuff away anymore! :( Gone are those days. Wonderful how you have it for safe keeping and ENJOYMENT!

    I also LOVE the china cabinet you showed. That is EXACTLY what I'm looking for for my redesigned dining room. LOVE IT!

    Sweet, SWEET Blog you have! Will be back!


  12. What a darling tea set! I especially love the history/memories behind it. Bet your Grandmother would be tickled pink to know you've added to the original collection! And what a beautiful china cabinet to display it in! Susan

  13. Thanks everyone for the posts. I found the china cabinet in an antique store in Amish Country last year on a mini vaca. Once I saw it I knew I had to have it for my "Geshia Girls"

  14. What a beautiful collection, truly. The pattern is so unique and vibrant!

  15. Your set can be found in antique reference guide books found in book stores & antique malls. They do come in several different colors, & were giveaways. Lovely set & story. TTFN ~Marydon

  16. It looks like you have found quite a few beautiful pieces! They have a stunning home to live in as well, LOL! Thanks for sharing your tea set and have a loveleigh evening.

    Sares @
    Loveleigh Treasures

  17. Hello Jo - thank you for joining the party! What a beautiful collection you have! I just adore the story of how the collection started - your Grampa winning the piece for your Gramma. So sweet! I love the color and design. I think my favorite piece is the tall tea pot on the top shelf. And how fun for you to be able to continue collecting and hunting for more pieces. I really like the hutch too. So beautiful.


  18. oh my goodness, i absolutely love the story behind your china. how neat to know that's where it came from!

  19. what a fabulous collection and i love the cabinet where your treasures are stored :)

  20. Oh, wonderful - won at Coney Island! That is a great story. The china is beautiful and I see why you have added to your collection. The hutch is beautiful, too!

  21. Hi Jo :)

    What a great story! I wish you could still win beautiful things like that. The piece the set resides in is AMAZING. LOVE it :)


  22. How beautiful....I can see why you started collecting!

  23. Oh how beautiful! The colors are so vivid and such special story knitting it all together. :o)

  24. What a great story and lovely collection. How neat to have found the rest of the collection. They are displayed beautifully. Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely weekend.

  25. So interesting! My MIL's boyfriend is a Brooklynite and long time Coney Island historian of sorts. His father used to run some games there. I'll have to ask him about these. Such an unusual prize.

    beautiful china cabinet!

  26. Wow those are amazing and so beautiful!! What a great collection you have. Thank you for sharing!

  27. I've never heard of Geisha Girl porcelain. I'm so glad you shared about it because I LOVE it. I'm a sucker for old china and silver :) Cute blog!

  28. I this it is adorable and the story is even better. The cabinet you have it in is just gorgeous.

  29. So adorable! Love your Geisha Girl porcelain. Wow!

  30. Hi: What a stunning set! How precious that it has so many dear memories. I just love it and the home they live in. You are very lucky. Thank you for being a part of TT, it would not be the same without you. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  31. what a precious collection! and lovely too!

  32. This is such a beautiful set and I love your whole collection!!

    And that hutch that you have it all in....
    is to die for!! It is one gorgeous piece of furniture!!

    I really enjoyed my visit here today!!


  33. Thank you so much for sharing your collection - isn't it fun to hunt and find extra pieces to the set.

  34. Really pretty,my grandmother had a very similar one...Meet you has been a pleasure.Would you like a cup of tea?

  35. collecting is fun and a passion I could not live without! your set is so cute!

    i'm your newest follower...come by and have a look at my tea cup tuesday post too!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

    hope to see you soon!!!!

  36. Gorgeous! How lovely that you have it from your Grandmother.
    I think I have seen this pattern on Antique Road Show.
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  37. Oh what a wonderful story! So glad you have the set, the story, and the storage!

  38. Lovely collection.


    1. Please try visiting this link:
      I think you will be even more impressed with your collection.

      I came across both posts because I have a variety of tea cups and saucers and I own this one with a blue border (just 1 cup and saucer).
      My collection was also inspired by my grandmother. I was googling hand painted cups and saucers marked JAPAN.