Monday, July 20, 2009

Thrifty Finds

Thanks Diane for hosting this great event
These were are treasures this weekend at yard sales
I didn't get a photo of just the table, it was $3 there are some burn marks on the leather top
I got all the bows for $3 - there are 7 of them

I got this tray for $1 it will be repurposed into a chalkboard

I got this salt cellar for $5 It will go in my kitchen shelf

This is a Fire King Blue Trivet I got for $5. I have never seen one of these b/4


  1. Love that trivet!
    Have not seen one before either.

    Barbara jean

  2. I do like that trivet; I have never heard of Fire King Blue. Thanks for sharing. Happy 2nd Time Around Day. Here's mine:

  3. That salt cellar is adorable! Love the colors of it. Great finds!

  4. great deals...I bet you were droolin' over those bows! Love the salt cellar. I know each time you see it you'll have a smile on your face. Can you just imagine it's history.

  5. Love the salt cellar and the trivet. Lovely.

  6. Great finds! Love that salt cellar. Thanks for sharing.