Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Started off the day
doing a little work

Andrew trimming a branch
 that broke 

Chuck got the door fixed

 The facebook junkies

The table was so pretty

Everyone had their jobs

the food

Chow time!

Dtr Grace, 
Devon her BF Alex, 
and Son Andrew

1 comment:

  1. Is there anything better than the entire family and sometimes a few friends thrown in, getting together and having good food and good company. My daughter and her children are exactly the ages of yours..and I am sure we looked very much the same. Milling around the kitchen, laughing joking...and just plain loving being together.

    Your home looks so big and room and lots of country outside. It's the country outside that I love...and miss very much.
    Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting..sooo nice of you. on to Christmas!! I shall return to see your tree! :)
    p.s. Isn't it great to have guys around when there is a "broken branch"..