Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Secret Garden

 A few weeks ago
we stopped at
The Secret Garden 
in Waynesville Ohio

We weren't sure 
exactly what it was

and pleasantly surprised

There is a cottage home
and across was the start of the garden

From their website:

For a truly unique shopping experience 
come walk the brick pathways
through our wooded garden
 while soft music fills the air.  
The Secret Garden offers

You will find concrete statuary; 
wrought iron pieces;

 gazing globes; fountains; garden orbs 
and so much more. 

There is a barn
that has some
 vintage pieces

The art pieces on 
the barn can be left outside

 View looking at the cottage
from the barn

These doors and windows
are for sale

I fell in love with 
these windows 
and I'm almost certain
there will be at least on
in my back yd next year

I think we will adapt
it though
and have decorative posts
with lattice on the bottom

This was made out 
of yard utensils

 these pumpkins were all over

The Bird House Retail Shop 
specializes in birding items 
for the birding enthusiasts. 

These were in the cottage 
I thought they were
very pretty
but were to much
 for my pocketbook

They have a lot of unique

They have a wedding chapel
on the premises:

"Secluded, romantic, and uinquely set
 in a natural environment nestled
 deep in the woods, 
our Chapel In The Woods 
creates a picture perfect setting
 for a small intimate 
wedding ceremony"

 There also is a 
fire pit type area

 What a beautiful place 
to have a ceremony

It was a very peaceful place 
to walk around
and I know we will be back


  1. What a neat place! Don't you just love coming across something unexpected like that.

  2. Wish I lived closer so I could visit the secret garden! Thanks for taking us on a tour.

  3. Lot of wonderful captures, amazing collection.

  4. Wow, it is a very nice place to shop things! It is like an exhibit organized by many owners, but i think that is only like someone's own yard and creativity. That is so beautiful, relaxing and fun. I wish there is also a coffee shop under the woods.

  5. Oh wow what a find! Loads of creative gooedies...must have been wonderful!


  6. The Secret Garden looks like a magical place. I have never seen so many beautiful things for sale. You must have been in gardener’s heaven while there. I love the way the old windows were used....clever and attractive. That birdhouse is awesome. Thanks for sharing such a fine series of photos. genie