Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Crafting

As most of you know I manage a thrift store. On special days like Mother's Day, Easter, Christmas, I make gift baskets up. I save donations etc. of new lotions, perfumes, and add other items from the store. I have been on a kick of "repurposing" items. I try to show ppl what they can do on their own with second hand items. I personally buy the candies from the dollar store and donate them for this baskets. This years Mother's Day items are glass tea cups and saucers with packaged tea and candies. Once made up I sell them for $4

Items used:

ornamental birds =$1 Dollar Store
3 tea bags from a box
glass tea cup saucer = store donation (would sell abt $2)
shredded fill - store donation (would sell for .50)
curly ribbon - store dontion (would sell .50) bag of kisses - $1 dollar store (only used a few out of the bag)
tulle - store donation (would sell for abt .50)

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