Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Do you remember how you would forward to your birthday when you were a kid? How it seemed like the day was magic? Your "special "day. Why does it seem like some years you have that magical feeling and other years you just don't care and wish it was just over? It has nothing to do with what age you are becoming or leaving, it just seems like you really just don't want any fuss made over you. I want to thank my hsb for all the sweet things he did for my birthday, I know how hard you tried to make it special and I truly appreciate what you did and I wish I wasn't so ambivalent about this year. It had nothing to do with what anyone did or didn't do it was just one of those days I just wanted to get threw and get over. I kept asking myself what was wrong that I didn't feel excited - was I depressed abt it? and I've soul searched and just realized no I'm not depressed, it just wasn't important to me this year. Has any one else had these feelings?


  1. You are very welcome. I hope I made it tolerable. Love you

  2. Happy Birthday Jo!! I know what you mean though... it's just not the same when you're older.


  3. Happy late birthday on my first visit to your blog! Sometimes I think we expect so much nothing can live up to it. My husband is always grouchy on his birthday..kind of like a bad child :) Happy Memorial Day and thanks for raising a son in the military!