Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lagoon Table

Last year
I bought this table
at a yard sale

I wasn't sure
what I wanted 
to do with it

One day it 
came to me
my inspiration 
was a can of 
spray paint that 
was given to me

it was 
called Lagoon

after I sprayed it
I was worried 
my vision was 
to top it off 
with a map
I ended up scraping
 the veneer off 
and sanding it
Next came the 
placement of the map
Once I knew the
 placement I cut 
it square
then affixed
 it was modpodge

now I rolled it on and I
squeegeed it so
 it would seal
well.....20 min later........
this appeared....

I was horrified!

my hsb suggested
 I wait until the next day
I was prepared to 
inject glue under the map

the next morning 
there were NO BUBBLES
all I can think is
 it shrunk as it dried

I then sanded the edges off

I then inked 
around the edge 
where I sanded it

I then applied a
 watered down 
bronze glaze

I then sprayed
 it with poly

This table is going 
to Springfield Extravaganza

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