Friday, December 7, 2012


I can't believe it has been so
long since I posted last...
I never intended to go this long
but I guess life and illness got in the way.

Exciting news business wise....

I have been doing a lot of shows
and my junque/silverware jewelry
has taken off

Some of my work will be in between
the paragraphs
if you are interested in more click here

Well a new shop
opened in
our fair city
and they were looking
for someone who did
what I do
and as of this week they will 
be selling my designs!

to say  I am excited

has not been so gd
I saw a rheumatologist
and got a diagnosis
and was put on a medication
Which I should not 
have been put on
besides the anorexia
it set off my asthma
which had been 
under control for 17 yrs
after 3 wks is getting better
but still having to do treatments

so I got a 2nd opinion 
and this Dr is not convinced
that first diagnosis is right
and is working me up 
ie 15 vials of blood
26 x-rays
All results should be
in the first of January
I am so thankful 

All I can say is that 
this episode has taught me a lot
esp abt ppl w/ chronic conditions
and for the first time in my life
I fully understood how
ppl feel when they say 
they feel despair 
and I now understand
how hard it is 
to have to will yourself
to eat when you really 
don't want to
It really got down to
deciding on whether 
or not the side effects
of a drug are worth
going through to be pain free

My last show 
for this year is this w/e
and I am looking forward
to being done.

I am hoping once
it is over the Christmas bug
will hit me!

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  1. Feel better Jo. Sounds like alot going on medicaly.
    Sue was telling me about this store. Good luck. I took a steampunk jewelry lesson this year. Very interesting.
    Happy Holidays.