Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Power to the People

It started on Fri at 4pm
when a storm blew threw

and we lost power
until 1:30pm the next day
We ended up having to through out
all of the food
it was depressing
The storm didn't
do much damage around us

It was ok
we went and replaced
some of our food
then at 5:45pm
and we lost power
again - luckily only
for 4 hrs and we had gone and
iced the food we had bought

there was more
 damage around us

I had pork rib roast
in the crockpot
when it went out
so my hsb threw it on the grill

(phone photo)
and we invited a friend
over since we were not 
sure at that time
if we were going to be
 without power again for hrs
We called it our black out bbq

There are still many who
are without power
and I  hope
it comes back on soon


  1. You had to throw out your food for less than 24 hours. I wonder how many didn't. I know after 2 days our food was pretty spoiled. It does hurt throwing all that money out. Replacing it worse. We were out for 3 days. My son is still out. actually most of Granville including the downtown is stil without power. But the street fair is still on.....I think that is crazy.
    Hope Mother Nature stats being a little nicer, don't you.

    1. In this heat I wouldn't trust anything past 3 hrs. In the 1st storm we didn't even have ice, we waited a day to replace some of the items until Sun and as luck had it the power went out for 4 hrs that night but we ran to the store and fill all of our ice chests with the food and it worked. I believe I heard tonight only 300 are left w/o power now - but at 6pm tonight the power went out for a few minutes - we both were oh no not again. I hope your son gets his power back soon - this heat is brutal!