Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Show me your stuff.....

Seems like all
I do these days
is either make things
or revamp my display

I will have cloths 
on the tables etc

the left hand corner starts
with the garden markers
and earrings

I wanted 
something a little different
to display them

My husband made
me these great boxes
I had like my other displays
but they really didn't show
everything off
and it was difficult to set up

right side of large box

junk jewelry

 there was a small space below
the necklaces
so I decided to put more 
Now I need to make some more

 The smaller box
holds keychains
cord necklaces
and small bags

This rack
I got at a yd sale
it will hold
all the papercrafts

My next show 
is in a week
hopefully I will be ready!


  1. You have been busy. I took a Steampunk jewelry class last night. You would have loved it. Good luck at your next sale.