Sunday, June 24, 2012


A few new sets 
I have been working on

the  turquoise beads
are vintage
they start out bright then 
fade to a green then grey
they are paired
with acrylic
 clear cracked beads

These are green glass
paired with a grape purple glass bead

These vintage green/aqua beads
I believe are acrylic
the shape is a swirl
it is paired
with a iridescent
cloudy acrylic rose bead
and the vintage beads 
described above

this set has a tan
shell appearance
and is paired with 
pink and clear acrylic beads

These blue beads
also have a shell look to them
but I believe they are acrylic
they are paired with
acrylic aqua bicone beads
and pearlized pale green beads

This set is 
a gold capiz 
shell appearance
it is paired
with pink glass beads
and gold iridescent beads


  1. Very pretty Jo. Hope you are in the A/C while creating these. A bit hot out......good thing we have a cooler day here and there.

  2. Jo, what are you asking for the first set ? You've been a busy girl lately! :-) Sue