Sunday, August 7, 2011

potato salad

As many of you know
or don't know
As I make some of the family 
I have been posting them so that
my kids and family members
 will have them
I figured it would
 be nice not to have to
ask for them, that 
no matter where
 they are they can 
get online and find them
most being tutorials
So here is 
my potato salad recipe
I really don't measure anything

black olives
green onions
and add mustard to mix

cube potatoes
and boil
with eggs

boil potatoes until fork tender

run cooked potatoes
under water to stop cooking process
allow eggs to cool 
 peel and chop

while some of the potatoes
are cooling I smash 
them on the side of the bowl
this makes it a little creamier

I add the potatoes 
and eggs to the pickle combo
and refrigerate
until chilled

Add just enough Hellman's
or Best Foods Mayo
to moisten

Allow flavors to meld together and cool


Simply Delish Saturday


  1. I love potato salad and yours looks delicious. Great idea to put your family's favorites on your blog!

  2. Oh, that looks good! I don't measure for things like this either so this is right up my alley. :)

    *visiting from At the Well - so happy to discover your blog!

  3. Looks Delish!

    We'd love you to share your recipes with us at

    Simply Delish Saturday