Saturday, April 25, 2009


We started out our adventure in a small town in 
southern Ohio called Lebanon...unfortunately
 not much luck there. I did find things I liked
 but the prices were waayyy to steep, so 
we went down to Cincinnati to our 
most favorite antique mall..

They have the best items at great prices. 
You can spend hours and hours here. They
 have all kinds of items from furniture to clothing
 to knickknacks and jewelry from time peroids.
 As you can see rows and rows of items:

They also have shopping carts!
 I didn't find much that was on my list, 
so the trip was sort of a bust. We had fun 
looking and I got a lot of ideas though. We 
did stop at a store called GardenRidge 
and I actually found a loveseat for my family 
room I liked, for a price I liked even better. 
We also found 2 new places to eat, 
o all in all it was a great day............Jo


  1. Hi Jo :)

    I'll need to check that mall out. It's seems that everyone knows what all those antiques are worth... darn it! LOL

    Have a great weekend :)

  2. If you liked the one you went to on your blog, you'll love this one - esp the prices