Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Gift Idea

My sister and I were talking today  - discussing about gifts We have decided to forgo giving presents and instead donating what we would spend on each other to help others in need. She will be giving to a place for the homeless and  will be givng to the food pantry.  I'm not writing this to get a pat on the back and I'm actually hesitant to write anything because that is not the point of giving, however, I would like to put out the idea of when you are writing out your gift list that you think of others in need - more so this year than any other year. If you find that you have everything that you could possibly need, ask others to give in your name instead of receiving something you really don't need or want - you will be receiving much more than any gift could possible give you.

Talk to your family, you might be surprised how many would rather you give in their names.

Looking for a Food Bank in your area - this site will help you locate one

If you have a Kroger near you they will also take your food donations


  1. That's a wonderful idea! We always give some to the salvation army. We like how they help the homeless.

  2. That is a great idea. I have already given a donation to help a needy family my daughter is working with. I would rather someone give in my name then give me something I don't need or want. I am so blessed to have a home, food and love.

  3. Hi Jo... Tanks for stopping by French Lique. Good luck on the give away.

    Real Simple is having a "year's grocery" give away and they will also donate a years grocery to a charityof the winners choice. I don't personally need the year of groceries, but I've been entering on the chance that I can win and donate to my favoite charity kitchen. thought you'd like to know.

    hugs. Dixie