Friday, December 25, 2009

Golden Lamb Inn P.2

This is a continued post
part one

The stairs from the 1st Floor to the 2nd Floor

 (looking from the 3rd floor)

The 2nd Floor Landing

The guest rooms start on the Second Floor

There are 2 main hallways on this floor

Looking from the guest rooms to the 2nd floor staircase

This one leads to the dining rooms

There are also 5 dining rooms on the 2nd Floor

This is the largest

The mantle in one of the smaller dining rooms

Why is Devon so scared?

Oh my, a face only a mother could love...

3rd Floor

3rd Floor to 4th floor staircase

There is a museum as well on the 4th floor that has Shaker furniture
and a room that is rumored to be haunted

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  1. What an historic hotel. Isn't this place just amazing? Although we've been there for dinner, I still want to have tea there one day. I like the little antique shop next door to it- I've found quite a few items in there. Hope you had a good Christmas, Jo. Things were pretty low key here. Am planning a small party for the 2nd, so I'll be cooking and baking once again...