Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve Dinner - Golden Lamb P.1

We had wanted to go to eat on Christmas Day
however we never could find any where serving
so we decided on Christmas Eve
I had waited to long to make reservations
so we ended up having to go at 3:30Pm
We went to a place called

The Golden Lamb Inn

occuring to their website:

The Golden Lamb is recognized as the oldest continuously operating business in the State of Ohio.
On December 23, 1803, Jonas Seaman spent $4 for a license to operate
a "house of Public Entertainment".
The Golden Lamb got its name due to the fact that many early pioneers could not read,
so giving a business a name that could be easily drawn and recognized,
such as the Black Horse or Golden Lamb, was a necessity.

The brick building where the Golden Lamb moved to and currently resides was built in 1815.
The original building was a two story structure located where our lobby area
 and Dickens dining room currently stand. In 1844 a third story was added.
Shortly after, in 1854 a three story wing was added which is where our Shaker
and Buckeye room dining rooms currently stand. In 1878, a fourth story was added
 to accomodate the workers who would bring the railroad to Lebanon.
 The gift shop and Black Horse Tavern were added to the structure in 1964.

The Golden Lamb was visited by so many prominent guests in the early 1800's
because it was located halfway between Cincinnati and the National Road (U.S. 40).
 Robert H. Jones' ownership of the property beginning in 1926 marked
 the transformation of the old hotel into the great attraction and marvelous
 restaurant it is today. Under their guidance, the inn's
 great reputation became well known throughout the country.
Their ownership also market the restoration of the hotel to its original name,
The Golden Lamb.

The Golden Lamb has been visited by twelve American Presidents:
William Henry Harrison, Benjamin Harrison, John Quincy Adams, Martin Van Buren,
 Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, James A. Garfield, William McKinley,
Warren G. Harding, William Howard Taft, Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush.

Other famous guests to visit the Golden Lamb include Charles Dickens, Mark Twain,
Harriet Beecher Stowe, Daniel Webster, Bill McIntire, Thomas Corwin,
Clement Vallandigham, Cordell Hull (who went to school in Lebanon), Robert A. Taft,
Most recently on September 8, 2008 Republican presidential and vice-presidential
candidates Sen. John McCain and Alaska governor Sarah Palin dined and spoke at the Golden Lamb.

The Lobby

Back to Dinner:
The holiday entrees we got to chose from:

Our House Favorite Roast Leg of Lamb
Golden Lamb Favorite Skillet Fried Chicken
Roast Butler County Turkey
Chargrilled Lamb Chops
Roast Indiana Duckling w/ Orange Sauce over Wild Rice
Portabella Mushroom stuffed w/ Three Cheeses and Artichokes topped with a Mornay Cream Sauce
Baked Chicken Breast served w/ Sundried Tomato Sauce
Baked Atlantic Salmon stuffed w/ Crabmeat & Black Tiger Shrimp topped with a white wine Cream Sauce
Sauteed Cajun Red Snapper w/ Roma Tomato Cucumber Salsa
Pasta Primavera tossed w/ Broccoli, Cauliflower and Peppers in a light Herved Tomato Broth
Shrimp and Scallop Fetuccine w/ Proscuitto and Leeks in Roasted Garlic Cream Sauce
Blackened Top Sirloin topped w/ a crumbled Bleu Cheese butter Sauce
NY Strip Sirloin seared w/ Chef's secret spice blend and served with Fried Onion Slivers
Filet Mignon w/ mushrooms in syrah sauce
Prime Rib of Beef slow roasted and served au jus with Horseradish Sauce

My hsb had:
Hot Slaw

Prime Rib of Beef slow roasted and served au jus with Horseradish Sauce

My dtr had:
Dinner Salad

Baked Atlantic Salmon stuffed w/ Crabmeat & Black Tiger Shrimp
topped with a white wine Cream Sauce

I had
Casear Salad

Roast Indiana Duckling w/ Orange Sauce over Wild Rice

Included with the meal:
Chuncky applesauce

apple butter w/ the rolls

The dining room we ate in:

See part two for photos of the inn

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