Saturday, March 13, 2010

All in the name of education.....

As many of you know
my daughter Devon
is in college majoring in
landscape design and nursery operations

So when she told me she needed
 to draw and design a yard
for a school project
I offered up my back yard
cuz I'm all for sacrificing for education
she had to interview us....
and incorporate it all into the drawing

So when she started drawing
 I started snooping...

As you can see our backyard is extremely small

This is the whole drawing - house and all
there will be 2 flower boxes
that will have lattice on the fence wall
for clematis to climb and be filled with wildflowers
in between will be 3 pot water feature

Close up of just the yard...

the 3 long and triangle boxes
on the right
are existing raised garden beds
that will have a new
automatic watering system installed

we will be using concrete pavers from the old 
side and front yard
In the center is a combo fire pit with a table around it

Now I'm anxious to have the work done
but it will have to wait until it gets

Great job Devon
We love !!

aka Mom

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