Monday, February 13, 2012


Some things
I have done so
far in the craft room
to be organized

This is a basket from

My hsb cut the dowels
and drilled a hole in the end
so I could put these pins in

they are easy to open
when I need to take a spool off

I had bought 2 black book cases 
from Walmart 
because originally
I was going to make my lg table 
stained on top w black ends
around the edge my hsb 
nailed yardsticks
as I started to fill it 
back up I realized the stained 
top and black bookshelves
was not going to work

so on to plan b

I painted the bookshelves
heirloom white
and even though I lightly
sanded them the paint
did this weird bubble
it wasn't til the 2nd bookcase
and 5 layers 
I realized I needed to sand 
it more
and that worked

The cardboard back on the 
bookcases was flimsy
so we decided to 
put pegboard
and I could use 
it for other things

The 2 roll carts 
are from Ikea
One has scrapbooking items
the other jewelry items
so I can either roll out 
at the big table 
or over to my desk

the shelves in the desk area
were $15 unfinished from
3 of them I had my hsb drill holes
in so I could put a dowel through
I will spray painting and cutting them
on the ends I will put glass knobs
There are both drilled and not drill
in this photo

the magnet bars came from Harbor Freight
and will be spray painted
the bar is from Ikea

I haven't completely figured
out what I want on
the shelves
and I imagine it'll
be as I use things
I will figure it out

This area was just empty
and useless
My hsb came up
with the brilliant idea 
to put shelves in here 
and they are wonderful!

I have more plans
for up there 
One is to get better lighting
We plan on track lighting
over the desk area
and a fancy light over the 
work table

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other craft room posts



  1. Hi Jo! Your room looks great! The husband and I just finished a total remodel of my room. Sooooo happy! I can't figure out what to do about my ribbon situation though.

  2. Using the buckets for the smaller ones really helps for the ribbon. I have seen where someone took a standing paper towel holder and put them on it

  3. WOW! You have some amazing organization ideas.

    PS: I am your newest follower via Linky Followers.

    Mrs. Delightful

  4. Oh! I like your idea, so creative and save more spaces. i am your new linky followers, I found you from linky followers party hop. Happy Valentine's Day.

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  6. Love your makeover! I am your newest follower through Linky! Come on over to my spot!

  7. Hi!

    Happy Valentines Day. Love that wreath also. I'm hopping over from the FOLLOW ME linky party/blog hop. I'm following you. Will you follow me back?