Sunday, February 26, 2012

Turtle Somethin'

This cake is far tooo easy
My hsb usually has Black Forest Cake
for his birthday
But recently the cover
of Midwest Life
had a cake similar to this one

                                                         Make a chocolate cake 
                                                          according to the pkg

I did add pecans to the batter

Drizzle heated chocolate frosting

Drizzle Caramel Ice Cream Sauce


Sprinkle pecans


  1. Do you know how good that looks to me......I wonder if it can me made gluten-free. I bet it was good.

  2. Turtle anything sounds really good to me! yummy...

  3. My hubby would loooove this! And his b-day is coming up next month, so this is perfect timing. Stopping by from COM Monday and newly following. Thanks so much for sharing this yummy cake!

  4. This looks positively sinful! My sweet tooth may get the better of me!