Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spitting nail and in need of advice

As many of you know
I have been rolling
around in my brain abt
 selling my items at craft shows
 and opening an etsy site.
So I go and do the responsible thing 
and contact my insurance agent
to get 
Exhibitors and Vendors Insurance

What a pain in the butt!
I have now been getting
 the run around
for 2 weeks.
At first I was told that they didn't 
want to take "the risk"
but did not say what the risk
was. She resubmitted it 
and I get 
hey want to know if there
are going to be small pieces
like beads......

Well oh duh, I said I was selling
jewelry, notepads, garden spoons
windchines, embellished notebooks
I mean who sells jewelry that
doesn't have beads????

So here I sit 
waiting and pretty much
assured I will be denied
because yes
I use a lot of beads
and magnets and small

Any advice?
I figure there has to be someone out 
there that insures people
at these shows 
because there are to
many of them 
and the shows require it

This is why
 I didn't want to start 
my own business. 
Things like this really 
sap my energy
and creativeness 

 know there has to
be someone who will 
insure my merchandise

I appreciate any info
that anyone can give me

If I don't find anyone
to insure me I guess my family 
will be getting fridge notepad
 for all gift giving events lol

post script:
I have been looking around
and I have found if you are
a member of the Ohio Arts and Craft Guild
(It is my understanding you don't
have to live in OH to benefit
but please check it out)
you can get reduced
rates on insurance
through your affiliation.
I will be sending my membership off
and I will keep everyone
updated on what I find
They also have many other
benes for your membership
They have a facebook
site as well:


  1. Sorry I don't know about insurance for this. I had to get insurance when I had a pre-school in my home.....should have it now but I don't. Homeowners doesn't cover if some one gets hurt from something you sell at your home. Maybe ask Etsy about it. Good luck.

  2. Non of us have insurance for the craft shows. The ones we ran into this problem we just skipped. I agree insurance is a pain and all this tedious stuff kills my creativity too.

    1. I have been looking around and so far found out that if you are a member of the Ohio Arts and Crafts Guild you can get reduced rates on insurance through a provider. I will be becoming a member (they have many other benes as well) and post what I find out abt their insurance. They have a website: http://oacg.org/
      and a facebook site as well https://www.facebook.com/groups/OhioArtsAndCraftsGuild/

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