Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Marietta Ohio

We went on a 5 day in state Vacation
2 1/2 days were spent in 
Marietta Ohio

Marietta was the first permanent settlement of the 
United States of America in the territory
 north and west of the Ohio River.

Because of its location along the Ohio River,
 Marietta grew quickly. It became a major trading center
 in the Northwest Territory and later in the state of Ohio.
 The community became one of the earliest settlements
 in Ohio to have a state-chartered bank in 1808. Agriculture
 was very productive and the farms around Marietta had 
many large apple orchards. In addition to agriculture 
and trade with the East, Marietta was also known for its 
shipbuilding industry. Ships, barges and flatboats 
moved from Marietta down the Ohio River to the
 Mississippi River and then to New Orleans and
 to ports in the East.*

Some of the downtown buildings

Post Office

They are restoring the Armory

In one of the windows
there were Camo Prom Dresses

This building is curved so the train 
could go around it
I will be posting more abt this
building when I 
post abt the Ghost Trek 
we took

this is a tire store 

Future posts

Lafayette Hotel 2
Sternwheeling the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers
Ghost Trekking

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  1. What wonderful old buildings PWT would have loved to see all this.. she's a freak about that stuff..