Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ghost Trekking

We went on a Ghost Trekking Tour
Lynne from Hidden Marietta
was our guide

This building was a brothel the story is a well to do man
who lived in a fancy house a few blocks away
fell for a working girl she would visit her nightly
one night his ax carrying teenaged son 
followed him here after the lights went out
he went up the stairs and chopped his fathers head off
blood spewing everywhere
and ran down the stairs into the night the was caught
 and tried but he was acquitted because
he was preserving the honor of his family

This place is now rental apts and ppl who live there 
hear sounds of ppl coming up the stairs
and a few minutes later running down them
these reports are from ppl who did not know the story
Needless to say ppl don't live there long

We then went into the hotel lobby
that we were staying in and found out abt
the ghost that lives here
The Ghost Stories, as found in Susan Sheppherd's 
Cry of the Banshee and the Forgotten Ohio website:

The ghost of Mr. Durward Hoag is 
said to still be watching over his hotel,
 and is most active on the third floor
, where a wing named in his honor is found.  
Mr. Hoag likes to make his presence known
 mainly by flickering and exploding light bulbs.  
He is also said to manifest by flashes of bright light,
 not unlike a camera flash firing.  
Several employees are hesitant 
to enter the third floor of the hotel alone,
 although a malevolent haunting
 has never been reported at the hotel. 

Mr. Hoag also likes to make his presence
 known throughout the third floor hallways
, but also by operating the elevator.
  The elevator will often operate on its own accord,
 frequently stopping at the roof level.  
Employees have caught glimpses of him
 out of the corner of their eyes,
 and have even heard him whisper words
 of advice and encouragement, 
especially late-working accountants.  
Papers and small objects are often found rearranged.

This building was a supper club in the 60's
the man who owned it use to go up to the roof 
and sit with his legs swinging over the ledge
 where it says 1899 and drink
He went missing for a week (he was known to do that)
and the police went up top and food him dead
No matter how much or what they do
 the lock does not stay locked to the roof

I will post the untexted photos
then the ones where I have identified orbs*

This is a theater that is connected underground
with a theater  across the street

Energy Orbs*
see below

The upstairs of this building
has been rental apartments
for years
 it has been reported by people that
there has been moaning,crying and screaming
After some investigation
it was found out that it use to be
a sanatorium for TB or chronic diseases
You can see at the top of the building
it use to say chronic diseases 
and Sanatorium

During the day

According to


Orbs are generally agreed to be small spheres of 

varying sizes, colors, and opacity appearing primarily

 in photographs and alleged by some to be a form of basic

spirit energy\ in the genesis of manifestation. 

Very seldom seen in any verifiable form with the naked eye, 

the onset of affordable 

home digital photography in the
 mid-1990’s has overwhelmed 
the field of paranormal 
inquiry with a flood of orb and orb-like phenomena appearing
 in hundreds of photographs 
submitted as “proof” of the existence of ghosts 
and the supernatural. 

Though often the photographs were the result of legitimate

investigations into  the veracity (or lack thereof) of hauntings in

 particular locations, the vast majority of

 orb photographs have originated with groups of avid “ghost hunters,”
 hobbyists, really, during eager “investigations” in cemeteries
 throughout the hills, plains, and backwaters of the US and Europe. 
Occasionally, and with increasing frequency, 
it might be noted, orbs have appeared in photographs
 taken at other locations with no connection whatsoever 
to hauntings, such as the homes and workplaces
 of these intrepid paranormal enthusiasts. These orb manifestations 
have been just as eagerly documented and often generate
 a proliferation of initial excitement among
 the enthusiastic little groups involved – 
surely, they insist, this is only further proof of 
the existence of ghosts and the supernatural?

Though orbs can be acceptably defined there are
 different schools of thought on what these bizarre little globules 
actually are. Many, most especially detractors of the use of 
digital photography, believe the spheres of light 
to be merely the presence of debris –
 dust, pollen, water droplets - on the camera lens
 or at best the failure of the digital technology to maximize 
available light (flash or ambient) in particular
 situations resulting in gapping that appears suspiciously 
three dimensional in comparison 
to the remainder of the photograph. To this group, there is nothing 
whatsoever supernatural about the orb phenomena.

Another group, while remaining skeptical about the 
validity of orbs as actual manifestations of spirit energy, 
nonetheless adhere to

 the belief in at least the existence of the spirit 
world and in the ability of its denizens – usually operating under
 some strict law of natural physics – to manifest 
themselves in any number of forms, including orbs. 
This line of thought is usually further qualified with 
astute and informed scientific validations regarding
 the spirit use of nascent available energy sources 
– such as those emanating from batteries, power
 and utility lines, and people – to “get their energy”
 in order to appear in orb form. That the form would 
be globule or sphere-like in nature is also
 conjectured as the most “natural” form of manifestation available 
to the spirit entity.

Then there is, of course, the large mass of “believers” in the orb 
phenomenon as indisputable proof not only of the existence of ghosts 

and spirits, but also of their unfailing propensity to appear most often 
as little, supposedly innocuous balls of light. Sometimes the little spheres 
have faces – smiley faces, frowny faces, and even animal faces. That 
these enthusiastic orb supporters generally produce copious volumes
 of photographic “evidence” of sphere-like ghosts in action in reputedly 
haunted places, most often in cemeteries, only muddies the water for
 those who seek undisputable, scientifically verifiable proof of
 paranormal phenomena.

That said, however, it is when orbs are stripped of the science, the
 speculation, and the smiley faces, and when the possibility is
 acknowledged that at least SOME of the “orbs” captured are 
actual manifestations of spirit beings, that the phenomenon begins 
to take on validity and to speak to us with a cautious sensibility. Not
 all spheres recorded in photographs are orbs, and not all spirit 
manifestations occur as orbs. Nevertheless, orbs are very real.

You need to decide for yourself

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