Friday, July 30, 2010

Lampshade Birdbath

Remember this?
It's a glass shade

We recently bought this stand for $13

It is now this

I used  dry clear silcone

pliers  prisms and rings

I attached a prism to the 
bottom loop of the pearl

I squirted silicone glue around the hole 

and put the pearl bead down in it to seal

I applied some silcone on the legs

once set where I wanted it
I applied silcone around
both the glass and on the metal arms

I attached prisms to rings and rolled them on the arms

we secured it in the ground with these hooks

From the porch

from the road

shade $10
stand $13
metal hooks $5
Prisms, pearl, jump rings and silcone I had on hand
Total cost $28
The shade I had is huge
and you can get smaller ones
at yard sales for $5


  1. Jo that is an absolutely gorgeous birdbath! I love it.

    Hugs XX

  2. Oh I love this!! It's just beautiful!!

  3. I love that! I just hung one of those in my studio, but have another and I have been contemplating what to do with it. Hmm. You have the wheels turning. Thanks for the inspiration. Connie

  4. This is just gorgeous! I am truly impressed with your vision. Wow!!

  5. What a great idea, thanks for sharing! I'm impressed, have a great bloggy day!

  6. Jo, you are so clever! This is a gorgeous birdbath. You've turned into a regular junker- I love it. Your flower bed is so pretty. I need help, bad! I still have an empty bed in front of the house. The neighbors must think we have lost our minds. LOL
    hugs, Sue

  7. What a great idea! Love the prisms you added. Looks great in your yard.

  8. Garden very beautiful. Love the stand you put it on, brilliant!

  9. Your birdbath is gorgeous, and a wonderful way to repurpose those items! I love the addition of the crystals. Bet the birds love it too! Saw you over at Metamorphosis Monday.

  10. Jo, this is so creative! I love the idea. Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. VERY CLEVER!! I love how this turned out...well done

  12. What a delightful is the prettiest bird bath I've seen!

  13. That is so cool! I love bird baths.

  14. Just Beautiful & FUN!!
    Great job, & great idea... Mind if I use it? :) (the idea :)

  15. Super PRETTY, thrifty, and CREATIVE! wellllll donnnne! Thanks for linking it! Jenn

  16. That is beautiful! You are an artist! I love it.

  17. What a beautiful birdbath! Great idea!

  18. Now THIS is inspirational! Thank you for such a clever, fun, and PERFECT transformation. I love it when people teach me to look at things in a whole new way! Great post, thanks for the inspiration!

  19. Beautiful! I hope your birds enjoy their pretty new bath.

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  20. Very neat. Those are some lucky birds.

  21. That is the cutest, craftiest idea for a bird feeder, EVER! I'm sure you have some super cute ideas for wrapping gifts, too! If you get a chance, stop by my Pretty Packages Party and share some of your talent! Its all week long, so pick up a button for a little reminder!

  22. very lovely.

    i can see that you are developing creatively, just browsing through your blog!

    well done.

    btw you want to join our weekly DIY TUTORIALS linky party ..??

  23. A very elegant and practical solution. Beautiful, too. Really good tutorial, thanks!

  24. Oh I really love this. What a great idea and thank you for the great tutorial. I'm your newest follower. Please stop by my blog and take a look around. If you see anything that sparks your creativity, then I invite you to follow me in return. Also -- I'm having a giveaway -- a paint sprayer.

  25. That is just really pretty, I love it!

  26. You know that I love this project. I wanted to let you know that I included it among my August bookmarks post on my blog. Thank you for the inspiration, my friend.

  27. Adorable!